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Speaking of girls, I was thinking about Lena Dunham’s show Girls because it’s great. But also because I keep hearing people compare her show sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a dueling manner to my friend Sheila Heti’s book How Should a Person Be? I guess because they both have women as main characters and because they take from life (and perhaps too because people sometimes have a hard time grasping an artist’s ability?? a woman’s ability?? to competently cast themselves as their own villains). But to me, it sounds as fruitful as comparing Woody Allen to Kafka. There is room enough in the world for both Woody Allen and Kafka, and room enough for Lena Dunham and Sheila Heti.

Tea With Chris: Room Enough | Back to the World (via rachelfershleiser)

how things end up on my book list

(via rachelfershleiser)


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